About Chris Cordova Jazz

Chris Cordova Jazz is a fusion of styles that encompasses the best of Jazz and Latin Jazz in a variety of musical formats., Chris Cordova Jazz works to emotionally engage the listener. in a subtle manner. We want our audiences to leave a performance with a feeling of well being. We strive to play timeless songs in a Jazz and Latin style and to cover the Genre music from the 1930’s to today that allows our personalities as musicians and human beings to shine in our renditions. To always strive for creativity. To only work with people we really care about. We recreate each tune differently each time we play it, through arrangement or style. Each song we play has to have some musical or emotional bond to one of the musicians. Arrangements can change and are often improvised on the spot, while adhering to the tradition and the style of the music. Paying homage to the song’s composer. 

"Chris Cordova Jazz brings the audience in and then keeps them mesmerized with a double dose of “Great”:…Great Jazz and Great Latin music. No other jazz group in New Mexico features the best musicians in New Mexico making joyful sounds that make you come back for more."

The Chris Cordova Jazz Method Playing 

Taken from a concept that was introduced in the fifties to the acting world called “Method Acting”; a technique in which actors try to engender in themselves the thoughts and emotions of their characters in an effort to create lifelike real performances. Method playing refers to the practice by which musicians draw upon their own emotions and memories in their musical expressions and portrayals. Every tune we play we need to buy into and own. We only pick tunes that we believe in as intrinsically valuable tunes to play and play our style within those frame works. We don’t play anything we don’t believe in (message and life experience). We can push the concept of Method Playing within our own style.